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Jerome Tulloch

Strength & Conditioning Trainer/Injury & Rehabilitation Specialist/Kinesiologist & Lifestyle Nutrition Programmer & Athletic Trainer


Jerome is a highly trained Strength & Conditioning Trainer with many certifications (Biosignature, Olympic lifting Level 1, Darby Training Systems Level1/2, Poliquin International Certification Program Level 1, Kettlebell Sport Level 1, Strength & Conditioning Coach, TRX)

Jerome's 10+ years experience working with athletes and at several sport clinics has brought him to LFIT Wellness Centre offering clients injury & rehabilitation exercises.  His education in Kinesiology, Movement Assessment, injury management and rehabilitation, movement screening and mobility, Fascia stretching and Muscle Activation certifications really have helped clients move forward in their recovery.  

A leader of the pack, Jerome was the Supervisor for personal trainers at Lifetime Fitness and LA fitness.  He has much experience in transforming bodies by using high quality nutritional program and Workout plans.  Jerome has created a great rehab program and roster of regular clients at LFIT Wellness Centre this past year.  

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