Jessica Madureri



Jessica is an entrepreneur and healthcare professional with over 15 years of experience, initially as a dentist in Caracas, Venezuela, where she worked as general practitioner for country’s Ministry of Health and her own private practice.


After moving to Canada, she certified as a Personal Support Worker reshaping her career and successfully developing in the Canadian health care system with care and dedication. Jessica is very skilled and experienced in dealing with patients with wide range of needs and disabilities.  


As she collaborates with some professionals in similar practices, Jessica developed a deep interest in the wellness world, becoming very passionate about helping people to experience a healthier and more balanced life. In order to take advantage of the latest developments and technologies and apply them to the well being of her patients, she has certified as BioScan SRT technician from IHT. She is very happy to provide her clients a high quality, professional and ethical service to make them feel comfortable and very confident with her care.